The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals Series - David Mitts (Nov 3 - Dec 22)

The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals teaching is comprised of 7 gifts which individuals have been given by God.

You may be asking yourself...
"What gift(s) do I have and operate in?"

Download and complete this survey and follow along with each lesson.

To listen to teachings choose the link of gift name you would like to review.  To review David's notes for each you can download that as well.  Additionally, if you would like to watch the FaceBook (FB) live select link you would like to watch.

Allow yourself to be transformed and empowered.  Blessings!

Redemptive Gifts are...

Note: Everyone has a combination of gifts however there is usually a primary gift you operate in.


  1. The page of notes on Teacher is not accessible. Thanks.


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